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Our Services

Africent Industries Ltd is a leading player in agricultural commodities trading and supplies. With

a commitment to fostering growth across the agribusiness value chain, we specialize in agro

processing assets acquisition and investment. As a proud member of the Africent Group

Holdings Ltd, we stand as a symbol of excellence in the industry Established in 2013 as Oillet Services Ltd, our journey began with a vision to reshape Nigeria's agricultural landscape. Recognizing the transformative potential of this sector, we underwent a strategic rebranding, becoming Africent Industries Ltd. This evolution marked our transition to a dynamic entity focused on driving progress and prosperity across the agribusiness spectrum.

Africent Industries Ltd's mastery in agro processing assets acquisition and investment is a testament to our strategic prowess. Through calculated collaborations and discerning investments, we infuse vitality into processing facilities. Beyond transactions, our investments serve as engines of growth. Value addition isn't just a result; it's a commitment to amplifying agribusiness potential.

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